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Family Chamaeleonidae | Subfamily Brookesiinae | Genus Brookesia | Genus Rhampholeon |   Subfamily Chamaeleoninae | Genus Chamaeleo | subgenus chamaeleo | subgenus trioceros | Genus Bradypodion | Genus Furcifer | Genus Calumma

Genus: Brookesia (27 species including subspecies)

KINGDOM: Animalia (animals)

   PHYLUM: Cordata (chordates)

      CLASS: Reptilia (reptiles)

          ORDER: Squamata (scaled reptiles)

              FAMILIES: snakes, warm lizards, lizards

                    LIZARD SUBFAMILY: Sauria

                        SAURIA INFRAORDER: 

                         Anguimorpha (angid); Gekkota (gecko); Iguania (iguana); Scincomorpha (skink)

                                 IGUANIA DIVISIONS: 

                                 Agamids; Iguanids; Chameleonids

                                       CHAMAELEONIDAE FAMILY:

                                          Genus: Brookesia (27 species including subspecies)

Brookesia ambreensis
Brookesia antakarana
Brookesia bekolosy
Brookesia betschi
Brookesia bonsi
Brookesia brygooi
Brookesia decaryi
Brookesia dentata
Brookesia ebenaui
Brookesia exarmata
Brookesia griveaudi
Brookesia karchei
Brookesia lambertoni
Brookesia lineata
Brookesia lolontany
Brookesia minima
Brookesia nasus

   Brookesia nasus nasus

   Brookesia nasus pauliani

Brookesia perarmata
Brookesia peyrierasi
Brookesia stumpffi
Brookesia superciliaris
Brookesia therezieni
Brookesia thieli
Brookesia vadoni
Brookesia valerieae

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