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I build three frames with 1x2 pine and corner braces, and then attach plexi-glass fronts or screen sides to that. The back and bottom are solid plywood covered with colored vinyl cloth to protect from water and give a natural appearance. Then I frame the top out for the light fixture with the same 1x2 s and screen except for the area for the light fixture which is a Home Depot 24 2 light fluorescent fixture with ReptiSun 5.0 added. I use a full-length hinge on the door, and trim them out with some molding. Viola.
Chameleon cage complete.
It took me a couple of weeks to complete the first one, then about a week on the second one, only three days on the third one. 
If you got time, some talent and tools, then this is a good option. you can customize it to your taste and available space (but make it big enough for the cham)



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Using PVC pipes and PVC 90 deg. "elbow connectors" make rectangular "panels" to serve as the sides of the box that will be the finished cage. Cover these pipe panels with mesh by securing the mesh to the pipes with cable ties. Attach the panels together with bolts and butterfly clasps. Attach the door with large cable ties for "hinges" and latch closed with Velcro or Velcro Grippers (tm). It will look something like the photo to the left.

see PVC cage  for more detailed instructions

If the screening used on this is smooth enough to prevent injury to feet it could be a good cage, however,  it was really designed for iguanas. 

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screen cage  pvc stand3.jpg (77662 bytes)   CageMist.jpg (70293 bytes)

screen cage  pvc stand2.jpg (74736 bytes)   screen cage  pvc stand1.jpg (68545 bytes) 


Using PVC pipes and casters to build stands worked great for this chameleon owner. These appear to be easily maintained. As you can see from the pictures, the top and front open for cleaning and maintenance. They are perched on top of plastic tubs, so overflow from misting should be no problem. Portable, lightweight,  durable, and not bad looking, what more do you need? Excellent job


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Photos Courtesy of Allison Banks

In the center of the room, sheets of plywood to protect the carpet and provide a little air circulation. On top of the plywood platform, a ring of crates that surround a central "clearing". Cover the whole crate/plywood structure with heavy plastic sheeting. 

Potted Ficus alli trees and schefflera of different heights set on the crates or around the edges.

A network of climbing branches from tree to tree, to lights, etc. wired to tree trunks.

UVB and basking spotlights hung from the ceiling by hanging plant hooks.

RainMaker Jr. misting system

 Jungleroom1.jpg (77710 bytes)

crosses the center of the "forest" from a stand in the corner of the room where the reservoir sits. All the spray is aimed to hit the tarp/tree area.

An ultrasonic room humidifier up on stacked crates between 2 trees.

In the central opening several inches of CareFresh cage bedding to absorb and hold moisture (raises the room humidity).

A depression for accumulated water that I drain with a small portable pump into a bucket.

So, basically, I created an island forest in the room. I can walk all around it and all the electrical cords run to various wall outlets. When I need to clean out the bedding I shovel it into a trashcan and dump it outside. I find its much easier to maintain than a cage big enough for the melleri as I don't have to climb into anything.

Problems: the lights are hard to reach to change bulbs. Aiming the spray nozzles can be tricky as the chams love to walk or sleep along the water tubing and mess up the aim. I run everything on timers so all I basically do is change bulbs, fill reservoirs, drain water, and feed the chams. I do spray them individually for drinking though. I can hang feeding bins in the branches for them to find and shoot from. The bins are removed after each feeding and set in different spots next time.

The ficus and schefflera are growing like crazy and I have to prune them back.

In summer I run a small fan in the room doorway to keep the room from getting too hot. I guess that's it. Enjoy!

Wouldn't all of our chams love this arrangement.

     Jungleroom2.jpg (93616 bytes)

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     Hoe-tel Everard

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