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Some form of manual sprayer is a MUST HAVE . The one pictured is a great indoor sprayer. It holds 2.5 pints of water and has a pump to pressurize it, which saves a lot of trigger squeezing. It works like a larger garden sprayer. This one costs around $6.00 at Home Depot or Wal-mart.


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 mini drip.jpg (62452 bytes)  DRIPPER2.jpg (14588 bytes) REPTILE DRIP-WATERER 

These come in two sizes, one gallon and one pint. They are great for drip watering but should NOT be the only method of hydration used.

most of the retailers on the LINKS PAGE and local pet stores should have these

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This is a great time saver. you can design and build your own misting system using 1/4 inch tubing and sprayer heads from a hardware store. they make lots of different types of heads from drippers to misters, and they are inexpensive. The pump is the costly part of this and can run $20 to $100 depending on selection. You should still carefully monitor their drinking habits and mist them manually as well. HYDRATION is the most important aspect of chameleon husbandry and should be given the time and resources required to do it properly.

go to Wal-mart or Home Depot,  for purchase or visit MISTING SYSTEMS AND PARTS 

on the LINKS PAGE 

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You can purchase an ultrasonic humidifier at most drug stores or big chain retailers (WALMART TARGET) for around $20.00. They are worth the money for most species. They help control relative humidity and  temperature. This one has been modified with PVC pipes and vinyl tubing to direct the output to three cages. These are not required, but come in very handy. Be sure to keep them clean if you use one.

go to Wal-mart, Target or any drug store for purchase


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