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I have used the Active heat UV Heat lamp for over a year now. First it is not an incandescent lamp, it is a self ballasted mercury vapor lamp. thus has rich UV output, unlike a straight incandescent, which uses the filament as the sole light heat source, it has both a filament which among other things provides the heat to vaporize the mercury to strike the arc. It is the mercury arc which produces the UV. It does not wear out or degrade like the Reptisun or other fluorescent type lamps which use an excited phosphor to produce the UV. The phosphors do loose efficiency with use, the mercury vapor does not. You can thus expect far longer useful life out of these. As to the effect. I replaces a 5% fluorescent with the UV Heat on my veiled. His colors perked up radically, and he put on quite a growth spurt. As an added benefit, the plants in my cage became quite lush, where as previously they lasted a few months and then had to be replaced. I am quite satisfied that they do a far better job of simulating sunlight than the fluorescents do.

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