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It is the purpose of this website to entertain and educate you about OLD WORLD CHAMELEONS. Old World Chameleons" are members of the family Chamaeleonidae. They possess several unique characteristics from their lightning fast and laser precise tongue, to their independently turreted eyes with nearly 360 degree vision. Their prehensile tails act as a fifth leg giving them greater reach in their travels through the trees. These factors coupled with their unmatched ability to change color as their environment warrants lends these fascinating creatures to many myths and legends.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In CYBERSPACE a picture is worth 1 thousand to over 250 thousand bytes. Because of the number of pictures used, some pages may be a little slow to load, but you should not be disappointed. So... if you own a chameleon get your water bottle ready and give him/her a quick shower while you wait, I'm sure he or she will appreciate it, and if you don't own one YET, take a minute to dream about the one you would like.

Through out the site you will see "literature cited (2,4,5,6,7,9,11)". The small numbers are links to references used that are listed on the Bibliography Page. THESE OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW for convenience.

On this, the HOME PAGE, you will find brief explanations of what is covered on the site.

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Chameleons are masters of optical illusions. Visit my new Optical Illusions section.

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