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A Chameleon Detective Story

You live in New England!!!??

Well this little cham did more traveling than I thought. For anyone  interested, here's our detective story on finding out whether Gina's  chameleon came from "Monster":

Trevor  brought my attention to a photo on the cham listserve when someone (Gina) was asking whether the photo that was supposed to be the father was an ambanja. Trevor noticed the photo was familiar and when I saw  it, I saw my Monster on my hand with my closet in the background. I've sent out many, many photos and knowing that I hadn't sold any chams to anyone in CA (where I THOUGHT Gina was) I had images of someone selling their chams by using other peoples photos. Bad! I was all ready to go stomp on them if this was the case. I asked her for details on where she got the cham. She'd bought him from Eric  who lives in Tracy, CA. When Gina bought him (Sept.28th) she asked him where he got him from and he told her he got them thru a trade, from a guy in NY! He told me "A young kid named Steve in NY bought them at a show a month or two back...this male he got from Amazing Blue Reptiles, which is where the picture of the father came from..."

Gina wanted him to be a "Monster" baby (cause he was gorgeous). So I called the people I'd sold chams to in an effort to find out if they knew this Amazing Blue Reptiles. Marc  in NY still had his, Jason accounted for his, and after several days I tracked down Steve, who lived in Virginia (not NY) and was told his bugs had gotten loose and he had to get rid of the chams. He sold them (my male and a female from reptile depot) to someone in NY. The guy in NY had traded them to Eric in CA. Eric apparently sold the male to Gina in New England.

So Gina's baby was indeed a "Monster" boy and went from Washington state to Virginia, to New York, To California and on to New England.

WHEW!! Fifty cents says he hates boxes and airplanes!


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