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Photos by David Pickering    

louie profile.jpg (158734 bytes) 35 eggs.jpg (154595 bytes) Hang in there Misty . . ..jpg (60122 bytes) BUCKET 06 DIGGING.jpg (86614 bytes)
male veiled veiled eggs female veiled  veiled digging nest
DIRTY_DANCIN.jpg (139067 bytes) COMFY LADY 2.jpg (108321 bytes) LOUIE YELLOW 1.jpg (82105 bytes) THEY KISS.jpg (105344 bytes)
male & female veileds female veiled male veiled male & female veileds
eggs in bucket.jpg (151500 bytes)
veiled eggs

Photos by Carl Cattau Jr.

female feulleborni 2.JPG (34464 bytes) female hoehnelli l.JPG (36905 bytes) female hoehnelli ll.JPG (23833 bytes) female meru 2.JPG (34988 bytes)
 female  fuelleborni female hoehnelii female hoehnelii  female merumontanus
Female werneri 1.jpg (70818 bytes) male meru.jpg (38553 bytes) male tav 1.jpg (50112 bytes) new dilepis.JPG (34223 bytes)
female werneri  male merumontanus  male tavetanum  female dilepis
unknown dilepis 2.JPG (46987 bytes) female deremenis.JPG (31665 bytes) female tavatanum.JPG (58854 bytes) female willi l.JPG (28719 bytes)
 female dilepis  female deremensis  female tavetanum female willengensis
female willi ll.JPG (25298 bytes) gravid willi.JPG (34936 bytes) male werneri 2.jpg (50410 bytes)
female willengensis  gravid willengensis  male werneri 

Photos by Scott Axel

louie1.jpg (100143 bytes) louie12.JPG (45382 bytes) Louie15.jpg (54694 bytes) Louie16.JPG (53141 bytes)

These pix are all of the same male Ch. Calyptratus or veiled  from 7 weeks to 5 months old

Louie17.JPG (58543 bytes) Louie3.jpg (54841 bytes) louie6.jpg (75845 bytes) Louie2.jpg (71603 bytes)

Photos  of "Driver" by Lynn Connaughton

Driver body shot Quad.jpg (23483 bytes) Driver quad.jpg (57556 bytes) Driver quadricornus.jpg (42612 bytes) Driver quadricornus 2.jpg (45366 bytes)

Shots of a spectacular male Chamaeleo Trioceros quadricornus AKA Quad or Four-Horned

All photos used in this site are used with the permission of the photographer 

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