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Can I use an aquarium for housing a chameleon?

This is not a good idea because chameleons require good air circulation and the high humidity required can breed harmful bacteria in stagnate air. There are some species of ground dwelling chameleons that may be housed in aquariums, but care should still be taken to keep the air fresh.

What size should my cage be?

A good formula for calculating this is: 

  (HBL = snout to vent length)

For arboreal (height loving tree dwellers) species:

short side of bottom = 3 x HBL  - long side of bottom = 4 x HBL  - height = 6 x HBL

For terrestrial (ground dwellers) species i.e. Brookesia:

short side of bottom = 4 x HBL  - long side of bottom = 6 x HBL  - height = 4 x HBL

So a Veiled measuring 10 inches HBL would need an enclosure measuring 30" X 40" X 60" 

What should the enclosure be made of? 

The better cages are constructed from either a poly coated hardware screen or from "Petscreen" which is a poly coated fiberglass.

Why can't I use standard metal window screen?

This is a bad idea for two reasons: 

  1. Crickets will eat through it and escape.

  2. Chameleons can damage their feet in the smaller and more course holes in the screen.




What is UVB and why do chameleons require it?

UVB is Ultra violet light generally defined as the wavelength band from 290-320nm. It is needed for its ability to aid in the body's production of vitamin D3 (D3) in the skin. It is healthier for this to be produced by the body rather than through dietary supplements. Healthy amounts of D3 help prevent Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) by aiding the production of calcium.

Do I need a basking lamp or heat rock?

A basking lamp is required to help the chameleon regulate their body temperature. Heat rocks as well as black lights or night heat sources are not necessary, and should be avoided. Chameleons need a night temperature drop of 10 - 15 degrees.





How much water do chameleons require?

While they may not drink a lot, you should offer it in the form of a dripper, mist sprayer, or automatic sprinkler system several times a day for 3-5 minutes each time. They are very unlikely to drink standing water from a bowl. If it is not moving they are not interested.  




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How do I select the best chameleon for me?

There are a few things to consider when selecting a chameleon:

  1. Captive bred or wild caught - if at all possible select a captive bred specimen. They may cost a little more, but they are generally healthier and more parasite free.

  2. Species - there are several good species for a first chameleon, each preferred for different reasons. Some of the more readily available and easier to care for species include Veileds, Panthers, and Jacksons.

  3. Where should I get it? The best place to acquire a chameleon is from a breeder.  




Can I feed my chameleon insects from my yard?

If you are CERTAIN that they are pesticide free, then many wild caught insects are well received as TREATS by the chameleon.

What is the best food for a chameleon?

Crickets are the staple of the chameleon's diet. The crickets should be well fed because they are really only the container for the real food. Silkworms are also very nutritious.    




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