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Genus Bradypodion (28 species including subspecies)

KINGDOM: Animalia (animals)

   PHYLUM: Cordata (chordates)

      CLASS: Reptilia (reptiles)

          ORDER: Squamata (scaled reptiles)

              FAMILIES: snakes, warm lizards, lizards

                    LIZARD SUBFAMILY: Sauria

                        SAURIA INFRAORDER: 

                         Anguimorpha (angid); Gekkota (gecko); Iguania (iguana); Scincomorpha (skink)

                                 IGUANIA DIVISIONS: 

                                 Agamids; Iguanids; Chameleonids

                                       CHAMAELEONIDAE FAMILY:

                                            Subfamily Chamaeleoninae (True Chameleons)

                                                  Genus Bradypodion (28 species including subspecies) 

Bradypodion adolfifriderici
Bradypodion caffrum
Bradypodion carpenteri
Bradypodion damaranum
Bradypodion dracomontanum
Bradypodion excubitor
Bradypodion fischeri

   Bradypodion fischeri fischeri

   Bradypodion fischeri multitubercalatum

   Bradypodion fischeri uluguruensis

Bradypodion gutturale
Bradypodion karrooicum
Bradypodion melanocephalum
Bradypodion mlanjense
Bradypodion nemorale
Bradypodion occidentale
Bradypodion oxyrhinum
Bradypodion pumilum
Bradypodion setaroi
Bradypodion spinosum
Bradypodion taeniabronchum
Bradypodion tavetanum
Bradypodion tenue
Bradypodion thamnobates
Bradypodion transvaalense
Bradypodion uthmoelleri
Bradypodion ventrale
Bradypodion xenorhinum

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