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Chameleon's  Their Care and Breeding by Linda Davison BEST CHOICE

Chameleons : Their Care and Breeding

Filled with a lot of practical tips and colorful pictures. This book is a must have to anyone who has a chameleon or anyone who wants to learn more about chameleons.

Chameleons : Everything About Selection,...

This book is great if you need basic information on a variety of different species. The section on setting up an incubation box is very helpful.

Care & Breeding of Chameleons

In-depth focus on the Panther, Jackson's, Veiled and Parson's chameleons. You'll find information on natural history, conservation, captive care, selection, behavior, hatchling care, reproduction, parasites, health problems

The New Chameleon Handbook : 

The New Chameleon Handbook : Everything About Selection, Care, Diet, Disease, Reproduction, and Behavior (Barron's Pet Owner's Manuals). Francois Le Berre's The New Chameleon Handbook is a must for the chameleon owner. Accompanied by more than 100 full-color photos and drawings, Le Berre's discussion of the chameleon is divided into 14 sections

Common Reptile Diseases and Treatment 

This concise handbook includes individual chapters devoted to diseases of the most popular reptilian pets and treatment protocols for common diseases and disorders

Health Care of Reptiles  

The biology, husbandry and health care of reptiles

Herp Help  

Comprehensive coverage on all aspects of the care and feeding of all popular species of reptiles and amphibians combines with 100 exceptional color photos of common and unusual reptiles and amphibians to make this book a complete encyclopedia on the subject.

Eat This Bug : A Guide to Invertebrate Live Foods for Reptiles and Amphibians
This book is a guide for owners of reptiles and amphibians who feed insects and other live foods to their pets. Advice is offered for selecting , ordering and raising your own supply of live invertebrate foods.
Understanding Reptile Parasites : A Basic Manual for Herpetoculturists & Veterinarians
No one who keeps reptiles can afford to be ignorant about reptile parasites and their treatment. This best-selling, easy-to-use book offers readers essential information on how to identify the most common parasites
The Guide to Owning a Chameleon
The Consumer's Guide to Feeding Reptiles...

All About What's in Reptile Food, Why It's There and How to Choose the Best Food for Your Pet

Veterinary Drug Handbook
New edition of a handbook originally published in 1991. It provides references to drugs as well as information on drugs approved for use in veterinary species as well as those non-approved drugs that are routinely used in veterinary practices. This edition adds a new appendix on small animal therapeutic diets, an additional 27 drug monographs, an update of the older monographs, and a new appendix that lists drugs by their classification options available for a given condition and species.
Reptile Diseases
Reptile and Amphibian Parasites (Basic...
The Guide to Plants for the Reptile...

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