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The number one European Herp Magazine Reptilia, which was exclusively published in Spanish, is now also available in German and English. Most commonly compared to the "National Geographic" of reptile magazines, each issue explodes with exceptional color photos and informative articles written by Europe's leading herp specialists. Each issue is jam-packed with information and adventures throughout the reptile world. A must read for the reptile hobbist or professional.

  The books in the T-Rex Educational Series are an inexpensive, comprehensive guide for enthusiasts and breeders alike. The books show and explain the best techniques to achieve husbandry and reproductive success.
 The books come in the following titles:
Ball Python, Boa Constrictor, Garter Snake, Green Iguanas, Green Anoles, Leopard Gecko and Tarantulas.
  The highly acclaimed Advanced Vivarium SystemsŪ series, founded and guided by herpetocultural pioneer Philippe de Vosjoli, are the #1 books on reptile care. From choosing a pet, to selecting a veterinarian, to feeding, housing, breeding, and more, these books deliver the most helpful and up-to-date information available on popular reptiles and amphibians kept as pets.
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